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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                295

quins, and few ever walk. Balconies and Venetian
blinds give a pretty appearance to the upper stories.
The ground floors are all warehouses.

We are now running S.W. at an uncommon
rate, with a refreshing breeze and a quiet sea; we
shall not enter into the trade-wind before we reach
lat. 23%

South of the Tropic, Jan. zqth, 1802.

On the 2ist, at midnight, we passed the
tropic; but as it is cloudy, we have not had it
very hot yet. The thermometer stands at 72, and
it is delightful; but I see no beautiful skies, rising
or setting suns.

I am very tired of being locked up so long
without seeing any of the varieties of Nature, and
in a ship full of company, where one can apply
to nothing whatsoever. I long to be in the wilds
of Trinidad; for wild Nature is the only thing I
can look to as capable of creating a distraction in
my mind from melancholy recollections.

Among Mr. Murdoch's plants are the Avogado
pear, the mammee, sugar-cane, tragacantha, coffee,
cork, and camphor trees.

Our sailors have been this morning celebrating